Katy Perry nude butt

Katy Perry is not stranger to huge bikini.

If there’s one drawback to huge bikini, it’s that their surface makes them a lot more likely to be displaced by water. You may call it Katy’s Law, though this is probably reserved for Katy Perry’s big breasts‘ displacement of water.

Eva Longoria butt

Eva Longoria has posed nude for Austrian minimalist photographer Jork Weismann and the results speak for themselves!

Kate Upton butt

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Kate Upton has become a star ever since her Sports Illustrated cover.

It’s no surprise considering her butt is matched by an equally perfect set of breasts!

Rachel Weisz wet butt

Rachel Weisz is topless (nude) in the bathroom for the 2005 movie – The Constant Gardener.

Rachel Weisz wet butt

Selena Gomez butt

Selena Gomez’s butt in bikini on the beach is nothing new. But what about this upskirt where you can see her pink thongs!

Kate Upton butt

Kate Upton is the star of Sports Illustrated 2012!

As you can see from her ass-ets, she has a ton of star power!