Jennifer Aniston butt

Jennifer Aniston in bikini is always a welcome sight. Too bad the photo is so grainy – I would’ve loved a close-up shot of this butt.

Ok, maybe next time the paparazzi will have the common sense to get a tele lens! We need better photos of this perfect butt.

jennifer aniston butt

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5 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston butt”

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  2. justin says:

    o man i would love to tap that nice ass and cum deep in that ass

  3. [...] Aniston looks amazing in bikini and this photo is NO exception. Her butt looks super tight and [...]

  4. [...] Jennifer Aniston has an amazing body… I think she’s pushing forty but she’s looking very fit. Especially her butt. [...]

  5. Helen Blitch says:

    Jennifer Aniston i really like your acts, your movies, shows and many more especially friends. I just love them

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